The story of a successful ragamin took a year and changed the whole life

The story of a successful ragamin took a year and changed the whole life

Susan MacDead is a British mother of three children. She works as a chef in a restaurant. Susan is forty-one years old. She has added to the troubles of raising children, caring for them and working, new troubles of suffering from excess weight and which poses a danger to her life and health.

Susan decided to join a diet and diet program for Zona’s loss after her partner declared that he could no longer tolerate this extra weight and that she wanted her to lose a lot to look better and healthier and improve their family, intimate and emotional life.

Women who have exceeded the measurement of their 50 clothes are now wearing a measurement of forty. How did Susan lose all this weight? What is the diet that you followed and how did you fight to lose all these kilograms?

“I grew up in a family that does not allow anyone to leave the dining table until everyone ends up eating and each of us finishes his diet and thus becomes obsessed with eating,” Susan told the Daily Mail.

She adds that she believed her career as a cook would help her get used to cooking for others and reducing eating. But her expectations did not work, her appetite for food increased and she took a bite here and there. Because of insufficient time with work and family Susan is no longer interested in increasing her weight and leaving herself for food and obesity.

Susan shows that she has become so difficult to wear her stockings. Over time Susan’s problems have increased and she has lost much of the beauty of her intimate relationship with her partner. She gets tired quickly and because of her extra weight she can not bear any effort and does not go with him at parties for dancing or long walks.

Susan promised her family to lose weight and commit to a healthy diet, but failed to keep the promise three times. She says she felt that all her life was running out of her hands, she had various illnesses and pains in the back and joints. She became an old woman at an early age on such health problems.
Susan committed a harsh diet, mainly based on leafy vegetables and fresh salads.

Susan has lived since last February on eating fat-free and fat. They were passing a lower amount of rest than brown starches, such as whole bread or whole grains.
Since she does not like sports, Susan started walking and hiking every day and used public transport instead of the car.

The more her movement and less weight increased the motivation of Susan until she continued to protect the whole year.

Susan says she feels a great improvement and a complete change in the way she eats, and she can no longer eat any fat and unhealthy food. She does not like her over time, and her stomach does not feel comfortable with such dishes.

Susan’s advice is to be a fighter and to respect your promise to those you love and to love your body and yourself and to do your health. And look for a strong motivation and people who love you and take care of you during the dieting as friends and family.

Dietary advice is to eat leafy vegetables and avoid industrial sugar, and to commit to eating fresh foods. Avoid eating red meat, such as eating it once a week and replacing meat with fish.

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