A realistic story to fight obesity .. and achieving the ambition of fitness

A realistic story to fight obesity .. and achieving the ambition of fitness

A press report prepared by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rousa, in which he talked about the Arab Diet site and the Arab Day campaign. He reviewed the success stories of the Friends of the site in a beautiful and enjoyable dialogue, which was written in a very interesting manner.

Happiness in self-fulfillment…Failure is the first step to success…sentences are being repeated in the chanting Fat men who were able to achieve successes through the loss of more than 100 kilograms in short periods.

Between obesity and agility … Real success stories and documented living experiences of people who decided to lose their excess weight through a healthy diet and exercise in sports clubs or public walks, asserting that determination is the basis of the thinness of obese and that the will is the solution.

Stories of real struggle, the owners lived to translate the determination of obesity to thin in different circumstances did not exceed the most of two years of the will and perseverance on the health and food program, resulted in the loss of more than 100 kilograms .. One of them managed to rid himself of 100 kilograms and the second lost more than 90 kg in short terms.

Of those who have achieved the successes of Yusuf Al-Sulaiman 24 years has passed Sulaiman completion of a long journey of frustrations and failures and experiments that have been successful.

“I started the journey of fitness after several tests of specialists but then I missed the element of the decision resolutely, and every time I try to adhere to the diet and athlete failed and go back again my first.

Yusuf arrived at the decision-making stage after five years of repeated failure, and in the second year of the university succeeded after several psychological incentives, including confidence in himself, and revealed the secret of determination and inner determination.

Obesity at the time of Yusuf was 156 kg, and the severity reached its peak and from here sounded the alarm inside Yusuf, and the will and determination that did not stop until he reached the loss of 90 kilograms of grease.

Al-Sulaiman associates his insistence with a story that happened with him not separated from the freight of his determination: “I met a man sitting next to me in a coffee shop in Riyadh and approached me as I surfed the Internet and presented himself to me and then asked me: What did you think to ease your weight? The question for me was strange to a man I did not know, but he took out his phone and showed me his previous image, which weighed 190 kilograms and is now 100 kilograms in front of me.

“It was the first time I saw a person who was able to get rid of his weight so much, and I wondered how he achieved this great success, where he came from the will and determination, and what is his diet, health, sport and psychological.

Sulaiman explains the steps that followed his meeting with his friend “Stranger” to learn more about nutrition, weight loss and websites for health, fitness and calories.
I decided to enter the gym and agreed with myself, but look at the balance for 45 days, and indeed committed to this and stood on the balance after 45 days to find my weight 144 kg.

Yusuf found the signs of success to be achieved, which for him calls for enthusiasm and persistence to continue, and indeed this is what happened positive results followed some of them began psychological stimulation pumped from the gate of reason, has maintained the health and nutrition program and has not ceased to exercise.

Only a year and ten months is the time spent by Joseph to lose more than 90 kilograms
After the coup in my working life of the way of eating and type and how to maturation, and sports program and social restrictions impose in a way that runs counter to my new life.

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