Hind Abdul Hadi, 29 Year

Hind Abdul Hadi, 29 Year

No junk food

had so many health problems that I could not move or stand for a long time,” said Hind Abdul Hadi, a 29-year-old decorator. “I was tired and short of breath just for carrying my bag. I said to myself: How long will I keep up with the troubles caused by obesity? Why do I deprive myself of sports and wearing fashion clothing? So I started thinking about going to a doctor, taking medication or following the usual methods.

In March 2015, Hind decided to follow a plan to lose at least 10 kilos of weight until her lifestyle improved and she was able to move easily. But she was surprised that her weight was rapidly decreasing until she lost 20 kilograms. She liked it and went on until she lost 40 kilos weighing and her weight became less than one hundred kilograms, she had many choices in clothes and became healthier. She continued to plan for a weight of 74 kg, It is a weight proportional to her length (176 cm), yet she aspires to weigh 68 kg, which is ideal for her .

She plans to work in the field of nutrition from her experience. In the pre-weight loss period, she was fond of eating junk food of all kinds and ate without distinguishing between the taste of food. She was interested in satisfying hunger only, but after she decided to lose weight, she moved away from the foods that cause obesity, such as starches, sweets and fats, and take the proportions needed by her body. She also tended to eat oats, I have been practicing sports It is very important to get a graceful texture. The most important point in this experiment, which is recommended by all those who want to lose weight, is not to link the psychological state, or unloading shipments of anger or grief by eating.

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