Ways To Be Fit

Ways To Be Fit

To be healthy and succeed in losing unpleasant weight:

  • EAT (Only when you are hungry, low calorie, low fat and sugar free items).
  • EXERCISE (not only going to the gym but it could be done at home also, daily for at least 30 minutes).
  • AVOID (eating too much oily food, junk food, too much sugary items, drinking milk with sugar).
  • Always have a WELL-BALANCED DIET as it is an extremely smarter way to prevent obesity.
  • DRINK WATER (up to eight or ten glasses of water every day, to cleanse and detoxe the impurities in our bodies and to maintain healthy skin).
  • USE LESS SALT (in your diet, as it would maintain a healthy blood pressure).
  • KEEP ACTIVE (maintain an active lifestyle. running, swimming, exercising at home, bike riding, etc. keeps you fit and active. Avoid oversleeping. Go to morning walks)

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