Great beauty food for women

Great beauty food for women

1.Mushroom: a woman’s Totale ace

Mushroom contains a woman’s “beauty trump card”: selenium. Se can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging. Better in terms of prevention of wrinkles.

2. Soybean: beauty labels, custom Mature

The United States has long been rumored to “not eat beans, how can count fashion beauty”? Isoflavones in soy are phytoestrogens, cosmetic effect has long been recognized, soy contains isoflavones similar to the female hormone that can help anti-aging.

3. Yoghurt: anti-aging

Yogurt drinks is one of the girls can not resist, contains large amounts of lactic acid bacteria, not only anti-aging, better equipped to help digestion and beauty.

4. Pearl barley: eliminate edema

Pearl barley is definitely a woman’s heart “girlfriends” to eliminate the effect of edema is very good, and clear the blood detoxification. And acne on the adolescence and fleck is more effective, a woman must have food on the table, it is essential for a woman dresser beauty products.



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