CROROCH and Immune Disorder

CROROCH and Immune Disorder

Of course, the body does not stand idly by in the remnants of harmful processes of oxidation, it has a defensive arsenal is not insignificant to repel the evil destructive particles, and the response on the heels. Selenium is considered one of the most important but not the most important.

One of the multiple roles of selium strengthens the immune system and makes it more susceptible to microbial aggression. Researchers have monitored the aggressive virus causing Creep Influenza when a clique of rats has been divided into two groups: the first suffers from a deficiency in selenium metal, and the second does not complain of a deficiency in it. The result was an increase in the virulence of the virus in the group that suffered from the lack of metal. This indicates that the lack of selenium weakens the immune system and is unable to perform its task in repelling the microbial aggression which finds its way open and easy to hit its targets in the body. It is one of the basic components of CROROCH gives it a safe protective feature to cope with immune disorders.

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