CROROCH and Treating Obesity

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CROROCH and Treating Obesity

Is the first, herbal supplement working by suppressing appetite through its novel mechanism.

Cro-roch works as appetite suppressant by making a bulk formation in the stomach, its size average 400 to 500 Ml and this mass spends 6-8 hours suppressing the appetite so achieves weight loss from 4.5-5 kg/ month.

According to ADA recommendation use of (25-30 g/d) Fiber is the best way to reach the filling of satiety   and lead to consume half of the usual amount of food intake.

Efficacy of croroch in treatment of Obesity:-

  • Reduce weight up to 4 : 5 KG per Month
  • Helps in decrease LDL and increase HDL
  • Improve glucose tolerance
  • Helps in decrease pain intensity in Knee osteoarthritis by reducing weight